Multi Bruter 1.1

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Multi Bruter 1.1

Multi Bruter 1.1

Bruter is a parallel network login brute-forcer on Win32. This tool is intended to demonstrate the importance of choosing strong passwords. The goal of Bruter is to support a variety of services that allow remote authentication.

- Added protocols: PgSQL, SIP
- Auto detect "Max Attempt/Connection" when set it to -1
- Add "Password First" option (see documentation for more detail)
- Load/Save Setting also load/save service options
- Load/Save Setting also load/save state if program is testing (Save state)
- Added "wait for each try" option (to be able to slow down brute forcing)
- Display "found valid credential" message in message tab
- Fixed application sometimes crashs when using "Stop"
- Fixed maximum text length of message tab to unlimited
- Fixed HTTP library does not handle response code 100 correctly
- Fixed miscellaneous bugs
- Updated libssh2 binary to 1.2.6
- Updated openssl library to 1.0.0c
- Documentaion updates

- Able to detect multi-line greeting message sent in separate packets (faster)

SIP: (new)
- Support digest authentication with REGISTER method with expire=0 (unregister)
- Support TCP/TLS with SIP-TCP

- Allow multiple connections

- Modified the libssh2 to use less secure key exchange algorithm (a little faster)
- Able to determine the connection state from libssh2 error (more reliable)
- Able to stop testing immediately

- Re-implemented for better understanding fields in login packet

PgSQL: (new)
- Support password, md5 authentication

Email (SMTP, POP3, IMAP):
- Support NTLM authentication
- POP3: Support PLAIN, LOGIN authentication

HTTP: (changed name from HTTP (Basic))
- Support NTLM authentication
- Supoort Digest authentication

Web Form: (changed name from HTTP (Form))
- Able to follow the 301,302 redirection (1 time) then checking the result
- Fixed old cookies are not cleared when using "Load Form" in option dialog
- Fixed POST method sending extra "\r\n\r\n" at the end (Thanks to faicker)

ICQ:653580170 whatsapp +79017473945

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