Apocalypse RAT 1.4.4

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Apocalypse RAT 1.4.4

Apocalypse RAT 1.4.4

Access Stable .
There is a VERY Function
Seeing the -Computer Features
De -PC Installed Programs Vision And Removal
-screen Vision and control with ability
Tracer ability -webcam

Ambient Ability to Listen
-Online , Offline Keylogger
The victim why File Transfer
-The Program Checking
-Start The program be able to Degistr
-Service Of control with ability
Getting -Registered Passwords
-Copy The Text Vision and Change
Ability to Edit -Registration Book
The victim can do it on Tron chuy?n
Changing the -Scanner Home
-File Taken down on

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ICQ:653580170 whatsapp +79017473945
jabber: bilalkhanicompk@jabber.ru

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