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LuminosityLink cracked

02 Oct 2016

LuminosityLink cracked

LuminosityLink cracked

LuminosityLink is a great remote administrator software that helps you to control your computers and have fully access to them anytime anywhere.

Luminosity can recover saved passwords in all major web browsers and email clients. Windows serial key and FTP accounts are also saved. The SmartLogger key-logs all keystrokes and allows you to specify websites and programs to record separately. In addition, you may also search for certain files. The saved data manager allows you to view and export Passwords, Key-logs and more.

Hidden RDP
Password recovery
Reverse Proxy
Fully Remote Access
Upload and Execute, Remote Desktop, Remote Webcam, Remote Microphone, Client Manager,Client Overview, File Manager, Process Viewer, Remote Shell, Reverse Proxy, RDP Manager, 8 DDoS Methods, Supports CPU and GPU Mining, Proxy Support, File Searcher, Ring3 Rootkit, Export by Website, Client ID, Username and More, Download Manager, Download Any File, Fast File Transfer Speed, Remote Scripting (HTML/BATCH/VBS), Web Browser Password Recovery, Email Client Password Recovery , Miscellaneous Recovery, Windows Serial Key, FTP Accounts, Hidden RDP and more.

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