Supreme Studio v1.0 - loader + miner

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Supreme Studio v1.0 - loader + miner

Supreme Studio v1.0 - loader + miner

We fill the panel on the hosting or server, on free hosting I caught a ban for loading gray scripts, so I think it's better to put it on AWS, Cloud Platform, Azure servers
Creating a new database, user, and importing tables
Prescribe the config along the way app/config.php
Important in the password field we convert the password to md5 from the admin panel

In settings, I did not understand the miner's settings, the most funny thing is that after an infection, after an unknown time, a notification about the presence of "supreme miner ++" pops up on the target device's robot table"
Of course, we do not launch the builder at home, you will already say here yourself whether there is something there or not, who is interested

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jabber: [email protected]

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