Dangerous RAT 2020 V5 Cracked

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Dangerous RAT 2020 V5 Cracked

Dangerous RAT 2020 V5 Cracked
There are many powerful and new features of paid rats that are discovered in this rat software that's why I prefer this over all other RATs ( Remote Acces Tools ).

Clients control
Remote system
System information
File manager
Startup manager

Task manager
Remote shell
TCP connection
Reverse proxy
Registry editor
Elevate client permissions
Turn-off monitor
Turn-on monitor
Remote control
Remote desktop
Remote webcam
Key logger
Remote microphone
Remote execute
Visit website
Show message box
Hidden vnc viewer
Hidden rdp
Key logger

1. Remote Desktop Access

It can control and manages your all devices remotely with a very fast and stable connection over 60 frames per second speed. It is the best rat software 2020.

2. Remotely Transfer Data

Dangerous Remote Administration Tool can transfer any type of file easily by using this software to another pc remotely. It can transfer files at a very fast speed.

3. Hidden RDP ( Remote Desktop Protocol )

Dangerous RAT software has hidden RDP features which is one of the best features of this rat. This is a new feature in this RAT which you have not seen before in any other RAT. You can control your victim desktop remotely and hiddenly by using this feature.

4. Hidden VNC Viewer

It is also one of the advanced and new features of this rat. You can also remote control your client pc hiddenly bus using this feature. I sure It will be the best rat software 2021.

5. Power Administration

It is very powerful and all in one feature of this rat. It works like a control panel and It can show full windows process, functions, programs, startup, taskbar, running services in one place. You can also enable and disable any running program and service by using this feature.


Microsoft Netframework 3.5 or 4.6

Whatsapp +79017473945
jabber: russianhackerclub@jabber.ru

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