Spy Box Rat

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Spy Box Rat

Spy Box Rat
Remote Access Tool written in Visual Basic .NET (Server V4.8 and client at least V4.5) with rare features that others rats don't have :) (like keyboard locking or encrytion of files directly from File Manager) UNDER LICENSE READ THE END OF THIS PAGE !

Key Features :

File Manager : Delete , Download , Launch Files , Go through Folders and Disks , Go Back , Move File to Bin , File Information (FileSize , creation time , last write time) , Upload File To FTP Server
Encryption : Can encrypt | decrypt files in files manager with custom key (AES , RC6 , BlowFish , Salsa20 , Cast6 , TwoFish )
Browser : Passwords Recovery , Passwords Recovery to FTP Server , PW to Discord Server (through a WebHookBot) , Recover chromium-based browsers History
Tasks Manager : Kill Tasks , Refresh , Get Information , Try To Kill All Processes , Suspend Process And Resume Process
Remote Desktop Viewer (OPTIONAL) : If you do not want to forward second port , do not use
Change Wallpaper
TaskBar : Hide , Show , Hide Apps , SHow Apps
Mouse : Swap Mouse Button , Lock Left Click , Lock Right Click , Lock Movements ,Lock All , Unlock All
Keyboard : Lock , Unlock
Open URL
Sound : Volume Down , Volume Up and Mute Sound
Computer Power : Log Out , Reboot , Shutdown , Hibernate, Suspend

OS INFORMATION : Get Precious Information about OS
Client : Close , Close And Delete
Client Size : 15KB at least (depending on the options you add) => easy to encrypt and bind
Builder : X86 ,X64 (Default is AnyCPU) , Stealth Mode , Spread , Add To Startup
Show and Hide Desktop Icons
Show and Hide Start Icons
Spread Client
Add Client To Startup
Blue Screen (=Red Screen , just blue lol)
RED VIRUS : Block Keyboard , Block Mouse , add a watchdog to kill task manager and set a full red screen window , Try To Kill All Processes To Close , you need to reboot
Fork Bomb
Process INFO: Handle , FilePath , ID , BaseAddress , Priority , Handle Window , Window title
Delete Files On Desktop , Delete Files On Desktop + Reboot
Auto Recovery Options
Injection Exe (NOT NATIVE)
Auto Execute File In memory : BE SURE IT IS A .NET EXE , not native
Monitor Rotation : 0 , 90 , 180 , 270 degrees
Empty Bin | Trash
Auto Add to Startup

Whatsapp +79017473945
jabber: [email protected]

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