Xena RAT 2.0 Cracked

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Xena RAT 2.0 Cracked

Xena RAT 2.0 Cracked
xena rat is a fully functional stable state of the art rat coded in native language called delphi ,it has almost no dependcies .with the simple yet slick gui and rich features of xena you cant go wrong

Full MaNager
View Detailed info about clients
Multi Manager
Wifi Scanner
Services scanner
Survery Locker
View client location
Remote Desktop
Remote Shell
Audio spy
Batch Scripting

Html scripting
Instaled application Manager
Update Server
ICON Changer
Version info cloning
Profile Manager
Presistance option
installation option
Anti Virtual Machines
Anti Sandboxes
UPX Compression
Auto Port Listening
Upload and execute

ICQ:653580170 whatsapp +79017473945

jabber: [email protected]

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