The Complete Wireshark Course 2019

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The Complete Wireshark Course 2019

The Complete Wireshark Course 2019

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During this Wireshark Course you will learn about the Wireshark Interface, its available menus and how to use this amazing application with ease. You will also learn some basic information about networking, the various layers and protocols used for todays networks allowing you to understand the information found within Wireshark but also to ensure that the basics needed to use Wireshark are covered. Later in the Course some examples of Wireshark capture will be reviewed as well an overview of the included applications that come bundled with Wireshark

What is learned:
Introduction & Use Of Wireshark
Network Analysis and Sniffing
Network understanding
Network Protocols
Protocol disassembly
Network Devices
Wireshark Installation
Wireshark Interface
Using Wireshark
Wireshark Optimization
Wireshark Menu
Wireshark Capture
Wireshark Analysis
Wireshark Statistics
Wireshark Tricks
Capturing Traffic
Real World Captures
Supporting Tools
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