Spy max v2.0 - Android rat 2.0+Tutorial

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Spy max v2.0 - Android rat 2.0+Tutorial

Spy max v2.0 - Android rat 2.0+Tutorial
• NET framework 4.5 The

program is compatible with the following Microsoft Windows systems

• Windows 10
• Windows 8
• Windows 7
• Windows XP

Patch compatible with Android systems

• 9.0 / pie
• 8.0 - Orio / oreo
• 7.0 - Noga / nougat
• 6.0 - Marshmallow
• 5.0 - Loli Pop / lollipop


• Hide notifications (doze)
• Connect applications, video, pictures ...
• Advanced link
• Change package name
• Do not require Java in building Albach process
• monitor the activity of the victim
and other features ...


• have been repaired the problem of sudden Althennej
• have been repaired sinned Almaekervon
• have been repaired misplace the terminal
• Improved program connection speed
• Improved program interfaces
• improve location accuracy
and other improvements ...

Clarification of some points

1. Click the right mouse button to select a color pack for the program
2. Arrange the columns Drag the column with the [Ctrl]
key 3. Connect the web application [Games, Chat, Direct ... etc ]- or add a package name to an application that should be available on all phones
4. Save a picture from the camera Press the [S] key and rotate the camera using the arrow keys
5. Three types of maps Have

the first type Maps to display the congestion lines

• (Navigation Night, Navigation Day)

Type II 3D Maps

• Moonlight

Type 3 Maps in different colors

• Dark, Decimal, Streets •

Other features you will easily recognize, if you do not use the program by visiting this topic

• Be sure to close any Anti-Virus on your computer or exception folder software

• Version updated for compatibility with 32bit, 64bit
• All the problems have been fixed.
• All the problems mentioned in this issue have been fixed . • Perhaps the last version is very expensive unless you see a stimulus that will continue to be developed if you do not see any stimulation would be better not developed

to clarify some points

whatsapp +79017473945

jabber: russianhackerclub@jabber.ru

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