SkyWyder Rat Cracked

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SkyWyder Rat Cracked

SkyWyder Rat Cracked

very power full rat tools for monitoring pc,phone,mac and linux

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SkyWyder Rat Cracked
*Simple Connection setting you can add more than one Ip and port with a password

*Paths [WinDir] [ProgramFiles] [Temp] [AppData] or Custom
*Delay Execution
*Application Name
*Startup [Hidden] [Persistence] [visible Msconfig Regedit]
*Process Injection Inject itself into a custom or selected process like svchost

* form grabber CyptoChanger
* Capture screenshots at certain moments

* [DarkComet-Citadel-LostDoor-Amiboide-Blackshades-Spynet-Pandora-PythoRat-BetaBot-XtremeRat-Cybergate-Zeus-Ardamax-AlienSpy-Coolvibes-BlackWorm-Athena-MMBB-Archilaus-NGR Botnet-Albertino-DNARAT-SafeLoader-TrojanRat-SpyEye-Andromeda-BozokRat-Jrat-Ceberus-Nanocore-SmokeLoader-AthenaIrc-MonsterWorm-CarpedBotNetIceBergWorm-ImminentMonitor-GatakaBotnet-UnknownLogger-PonyStealer-IndetectablesRat-KrakenHTTPbot-BabylonRat-KnightLogger-GalaxyLogger-AgentTesla-CarbonGrabber-NovaLite]

*Analyze new processes or Each Process or all

*Can ReCover
[GoogleChrome] [Mozilla FireFox][ComodoDragon][InternetExplorer][FileZilla][FlashFXP][SmartFTP][IPSwitch WS FTP][Miranda][Paltalk][Pidgin][TheBat][Becky][Flock][BulletProff FTP][Orbit Downloader][Safari][Opera][SeaMonkey][K-Meleon][ThunderBird][PocoMail][Cake Poker][Trillian][CoreFTP][DynDNS]

* Hide File LockFile
*Request Admin Rights
*Bypass UAC Exploit
*BSOD Critical Process BlueScreen If killed
*Anti VirtualBox VmWare Sandboxie TaskManager
*Disable [Regedit] [CMD] [MSCONFIG] [TASKMANAGER] [Updates] [Firewall]
*BTC Ecode capture


>AVG >BitDefender >Rising >F-Port
>Avast >MalwareBytes >TrojanR >PcTool
>Eset >McAfee > Rising
>Kaspersky >Adware > MicrosoftEssential
>Comodo >G-Data >Norman
>Avira >Zen0k >DrWeb
>Norton >Asquared >Debank
>Arcavir >Vipre >Coranti
>AntiTrojan >TrendMicro >Ikarus
>Panda >TrojanR >Gucup

*Custom Message
*Custom Errors
*When to open

*When to send logs
*sends to email and ftp
*Delete logs

*Clever mining
*Algorithm SHA256 SCrypt
*CPU GPU Setting when to stop mining or stop mining
*IDLE Timing

*ICON Changer
*When to delete
*Execute If Have -Java-.NET
*OS Mac Windows Android Linux
*Hide Installation or Visible

*Hidden TeamViewer

ICQ:653580170 whatsapp +79017473945

jabber: [email protected]

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