DK Brute 1.9 + Keygen (Scanner & Cracker)

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DK Brute 1.9 + Keygen (Scanner & Cracker)

DK Brute 1.9 + Keygen (Scanner & Cracker)

A unique program in which everything is collected for the "lazy brute" of dedic, ftp servers, computers with open telnet, vnc video surveillance systems and much more.

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DK Brute 1.9 + Keygen (Scanner & Cracker)
Functionality: Brutus RDP, Brutus VNC, Brutus Telne, FTP hacking, SSH, SMB.
It also scans ports for URA simply.
The archive is also keygen for activation of the program.
Also in the archive there is a dictionary with passwords)

Scheme of work.

1) Throw in interesting to us IP in the tab IPscaner. We scan them on open ports, which we will brut. Also in the settings you can specify the range of ports of interest.
2) Next, in the Tools tab, you need to specify logins and passwords for brute. (Plus program is that they are not lost when the program is closed and do not permanently connect txt with data)
3) In the Cracker tab, copy IPscaner IPs with open ports and click Start.
4) After Cracker will be indicated harvested gudy.

The maximum I twisted out of it 10 threads on a 500-bit server, so that the admin does not burn. Somehow it is possible more. I saw that they brutili at 30.

Perhaps all. The program was created for "lazy brutus", I did not see any analogues on the forum on it. I use mostly for port scanning.

ICQ:653580170 whatsapp +79017473945


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